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I got the idea of this permanent introductory article from a guy called Jeff Nickles- formerly of Jeff now blogs at
Here, regardless of when you begin to follow posts from this site, (hopefully not too long from the first day it goes live), this page will always be there to explain what the site is all about.
Here we go: During my Nation Youth Service (NYSC) year, I stumbled on a book by Bruce Wilkinson titled A Life God Rewards. Bruce is also the author of the Prayer of Jabez. Both books are life transforming but I must say ‘A Life God Rewards made a major impression on me. Coupled with a quite extensive personal study of similar parables found in Matthew 25:14-30, Luke 12:41-48, and Matthew 24:45-51, it was from this book that I got the Idea that God wants us to actively trade with our talents. He expects us to be entrepreneurial with them-or it, if you have one talent… Please note that I did not say “even if you have one talent- it could sound derogatory to the ‘one talenters’ 
 While I hope you check out and do a personal study on those fundamental scriptures, I’d give you a recap here:
·         God has given US ALL amazing talents…or talent whichever applies to you. Apart from your day job, there is one ‘ordinary’ thing that you can do exceptionally. E.g: You have a way with words on paper- You can write
·         God expects that you and I work actively with our talents by finding avenues for expressing His precious gift embedded in your special ability. E.g: You write for a local publication, Write tracts for evangelism, Write for/ Edit your fellowship magazine. There is no room to be lazy.
·         God expects you and I to glorify Him with those talents. E.g/; You may write religious content that share and show Bible based faith, but even when you do write secular topics, you are decent, inspiring and you exude a certain ‘fragrance of grace’- don’t ask me to explain what it means but I have seen it before and I recognised it. I have followed blogs that discussed non-religious topics but somehow, I could pick this fragrance. Sometimes, I e-mailed these writers and they confirmed my suspicions. They were also glad I noticed, Kevin McKee of the thousandaire- a personal finance blog and Jeff (again) of my supercharged life are real examples.
·         God wants us to task our creativity is expressing those talents. I am always disturbed at the sometimes dismal performances I see in stuff titled Christian movies, Christian songs, and Christian stuff. When you complain, people excuse it and say “come on, it’s a Christian movie, what do you expect?” Come on! There is something to be said of the qualityof creation. 
 Look at creation and behold a God devoted to top-notch, excellence, cream-of-the-crop productions. Imagine that God built a ‘christian-quality’ sky…well I guess we wouldn’t be here, It would have caved in before Charles Darwin had the chance to think of evolution…Now, that’s a thought! (I hope I am able to give quality writing through this site, if I don’t, I would have to eat up my words. Won’t I?)
·         God expects us to trust Him to use our talents for His own glory: That you don’t receive thousands of email from people who became born again through your talent does not mean you are not glorifying God. It is a nice addition though.
·         God is very miffed when we leave our talents to lie fallow…and that is putting it very mildly.
The last part, and my favourite: God is very pleased when we consciously commit ourselves to pleasing Him through our talents. In fact, He wants to return and meet us doing just that.

So, this epistle, is my own personal interpretation of the scriptures listed above, and this blog is one of my practical interpretations.
Hope it fulfils the purpose.

Cheers and Blessings,
Miss. August.

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  1. WoW! I am glad that you started this blog and I hope to come again and again - Olawale Perfect