Tuesday, 18 June 2013


Reading John 4:10 brings a small scene before my mind; it is like having the late Steve Jobs, founder of Apple taking a walk through a shanty town when his phone batteries dies and he asks a poor young lady to please let him use her china phone to make a one minute call. I assume the woman would not only be more than happy to oblige, but she would ask for a few favours in exchange as well, how about an ipod, or an iphone or an ipad- and if Jobs was feeling benevolent, how about all three!-I would do that!  Incredible how this makes alot of sense.

The woman initially turned Jesus down because she had no idea who He is-not was. She definately would have responded differently if she had a revelational knowledge of Him.
As we would later note, once she saw Him for Him, her disposition radically changed (John 4:28-29). By beholding Him, she was transformed from one level of glory to a higher level. Hallelujah! God be praised for His tremendous works amongst the children of men.
Perhaps this calls to mind another issue: when I am reluctant to let go of something God is asking me for, perhaps I find it easy to turn Him down because I do not really know or I have forgotten the identity of the Person who is asking me for a drink. Why, He is the owner of all the seas, oceans, rivers and springs combined!

As we would later see, when the woman decoded her own version of the person of Jesus, like me, she began to ask for things- water(comfort-that she may never have to 'trek' to the well again, a better job, more money, a nicer car, promotion, drop dead gorgeous 'complete man' husband... But there is a catch; when I make these requests, Jesus begins to ask simple questions that are difficult to answer-not because He doesn't know but because He is giving me an opportunity to be honest with Him. Once we worship Him in truth and with honesty of heart, He brings us into our eternal, divine destiny. That woman won souls for God- the highest honour of every believer while we still abide in this material earth.

Maybe having God ask me to give Him something is actually a cheque, an opportunity to give Him and then ask for something greater, some thing precious, something eternal- not an ipad, but Zoe- the indestructible life of God.

Him: Hey August, its good you are here. You are just the person I need to see. Give me some 'what you've got' for your next door neighbours.
August: What? Are You kidding? Why would you even ask me that? Do you have any idea how much it costs here in Nigeria?
Him: (clicking tongue) tsk, tsk, tsk. August, August, if only you knew who He is that asks you for this. I am the Jireh Myself. I can give you a thousand times over what I just asked. A thousand? Make that a million. Why?  I'ld do a billion, and if I really want to brag, I'ld do a trillion multiplied by a zillion of that.
August: (trying without success to comprehend and not faint from the delirious prospect of having ALL that!) You would? Hey c'mmon, you can have what you asked. I was only teasing You when I said no.
Him: That's a smart girl. Now before I hand it over, go and bring me your friend.
August: My friend? Er... I have no friend.
Him: You have spoken well. For you have had many friends who loved you but due to levity and non-challance, you refused to nurture those relationships. Sometimes due to your pride and the time-consuming chase after your own goals, you left them feeling inferior to you.
August: Well I see... You a prophet huh? I know that the Messiah is coming” (the one called Christ); “whenever he comes, he will tell me everything".
Him: I who speak to you, am He.
August makes a mad dash all around town telling everyone about Him and many (ok, maybe some) of them (including her long lost friends) came to the saving knowledge of Him and August won a trillion multiplied by a zillion crowns of gold in eternity-'He' really was in the mood to brag.
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Miss August 

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