Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Don’t Do This in 2014… and Ever Again

Towards the end of last year, I began to wonder when the ‘receive God’s prophecy for your life in 2013’ pop up advert was going to change. I didn’t have to wonder for long. Before the end of December, the date changed to 2014 and right there, sandwiched between the ‘study in Ireland’ advert and the ‘affordable jeans on Jumia’ advert, there is the heavenly call to you to ‘receive God’s prophecy for you for 2014’. As we speak, the advert is still there, it will be there till November when it changes to ‘2015’.
I have no idea of the individual or ministry behind this campaign but here is my two pence: don’t go online receiving prophecy from anyone, regardless of who it is. Many years ago in Nigeria, it became a tradition for people to wait with bated breath to receive prophecies about which celebrity will die in the coming year, the politicians that will win/lose, the national disasters that will come on us as a nation and on the world generally. Except for vendors of trashy tabloids- who I believe made up some of these things, - nobody made any profit from these episodes. Definitely not the Body of Christ. Gradually, people are shunning the annual prophecies and popular men of God seem not to dish the out as much- if they ever did. Note that this is different from the annual scriptural watchword that a local church chooses to focus on for the year/month. What we talk about is the act of seeking signs and experiences and prediction of events that sometimes don’t happen thereby causing the name of God to be ridiculed amongst men.

This hopping about looking for beautiful prophecies for a new year is no more than sorcery and seeking mediums to ‘hear God for you’. It is bad enough that we have created prayer contractors- those who pray and fast on your behalf for a ‘small fee’ aka prophet offering: No sir, you are not paying for services rendered; you are merely giving to God’s servant who has redefined the kindness of Jesus by taking it upon himself to fast and pray on your behalf while you go your merry way. Note again that this is different from having a person intercede on your behalf.

Instead of seeking prophecies and signs, do this: clutch your Bible and read it with all you’ve got. As you will find out, embedded in it are incredible promises of God for your life. You will discover a ‘more sure word of prophecy’ rather than cunningly devised fables. Beyond promises, you will find the Beauty, Grace, Wisdom and Glory of God. You will also realise that being a Christ follower is beyond blessing hunting. Most importantly, you will find that the whole of the Bible is one chapter and one verse and about one person only- Jesus, the Christ. When you see this Jesus as He wants to reveal Himself to you, you will find life eternal. The kind you won’t ever get in an online prophecy dispenser.

(Dan 11:32 [KJV])
And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flatteries: but the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

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