Friday, 4 October 2013

I Have Great News!!!

How Proper Time Management Helped Me Fulfil The Dream Of Life Time

This is for You, Jesus, the first of many more to come!

First off, today, I had the privilege and honour to change my ‘bragging rights’ on google+ from ‘Authorship very close’ to ‘Author, Waiting for Number 12’. I have been writing for about 13 years now but apart from articles in Newspapers, Magazines, I haven’t been able to complete a single manuscript much less publish one book. For someone who harps about being entrepreneurial with our time, talents and resources, only God knows how many books I have dreamed up and killed off. However, it gives me great joy to finally have this one ‘fruit’. 

I think the turning point for me to get off the couch and see this project to the end was when it really settled on my heart that the ideas we get are not merely to be fondled by the finger of our imaginations. They are the expressions of our God-given talents, expressions of His breath on our spirits and importantly, they are seeds to be planted, tools that He is willing to use as a part of His grand design for the human race (no matter how tiny the part that falls on us is). 

So, I am excited to make this announcement today. I should mention that it was self-published- I had a wonderful professional publisher but I had to foot the bill. What do you call that? I don’t know. Regardless of what it cost, it gives me great joy to hold the finished product in my hands and bless the name of God. Next project is to get the word out and get the books into the right hands (teenagers mostly, but young adults too). I have been told the title piques curiosity, but I guess that’s the idea; you will have to read it to find out.

On this note, if you are resident in Lagos, I invite you to take a look through it. I would be pleased to get a professional review. I also know that when you are through reading it, you will be able to recommend it appropriately.

In my next post, I would share major effective principles on time management that I learnt from the entire process of getting this book from draft to finish. I had only read about these principles but they became real to me and more often than not, I wasn’t aware that I was applying them. Take it from me, they work! At least, they worked for me and they should work for you too after all, time is a universal commodity and nobody has more or less than 24hours. By making the best use of our time, we are not only able to achieve daily routine goals but we are also able to lend ourselves to doing the extra that the gifts of God in our lives demand of us.

As we step into the weekend, let’s remember to make the best use of our time. Have a fun-filled, restful and productive weekend. And yes, that is a possible combination.

Miss August.

PS: If you would like to read through and review this book, please send me a mail through or call me: (234) 8170143948

 PPS: I hope to put up a better picture when I update this post sometime next week.

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