Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Read This If you are a Discouraged Writer

The driving force behind this platform remains helping readers to become more like Jesus (one post at a time).  This means that many times, we refer to The Bible since it is the basis of our knowledge of Jesus Himself. I strongly believe that we can’t truly grow in the faith if we don’t maintain a Siamese-like relationship with the Word. That is why my favourite post includes this quote I saw on Josh Harris’ page about when to stop reading the Bible. I have shared it about twice but I can’t stop referring to it.

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Go on reading it until you can read no longer, and then you will not need the Bible anymore, because when your eyes close for the last time in death, and never again read the Word of God in Scripture you will open them to the Word of God in the flesh, that same Jesus of the Bible whom you have known for so long, standing before you to take you forever to His eternal home." - Geoffrey Thomas, Reading the Bible

That said, we also learn from other people who have been privileged to ‘get light’ on a topic that is relevant to our faith. That is why I try to share something I have read somewhere that you may find useful. These are posts I have read within this week that you may find useful.

1.       If you are a writer feeling a little down, this picture will help you put things in perspective. Like I said, I recently became an author and so I can relate. Sometimes, you wonder, “What is the point?” Pete’s post was quite timely. It reminds me that even if only one person gets blessed, it is worth the effort. Remember how the shepherd went after the one lost lamb? Even if you don't become a published author, you may have a blog or write tracts or something else that blesses people, be it in their faith, family, finances, etc.
Pete Wilson- Why I do what I do.
2.       If you know someone who still thinks pornography is art that hurts no one. Feel free to read this. Here is an excerpt:
In a fallen world, pornography becomes more than a distraction and a distortion of God’s intention for human sexuality. It comes as an addictive poison…
Viewing pornography is not an emotionally or physiologically neutral experience. It is fundamentally different from looking at black and white photos of the Lincoln Memorial or taking in a color map of the provinces of Canada. Men are reflexively drawn to the content of pornographic material. As such, pornography has wide-reaching effects to energize a man toward intimacy. It is not a neutral stimulus. It draws us in. Porn is vicarious and voyeuristic at its core, but it is also something more. Porn is a whispered promise. It promises more sex, better sex, endless sex, sex on demand, more intense orgasms, experiences of transcendence.
Albert Mohler- How Pornography works

3.      I also stumbled on this quote “We can’t go deeper in our relationship with Jesus than our daily devotions.” I may have paraphrased it as I can’t seem to track the site. But I think you get the idea. There is something similar here. 

What did you read online this week that you consider worth sharing? Please feel free to share in the comments section. 

Miss August.

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