Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Him Time vs. Me Time

After sliding from publishing 3 posts a week to publishing zero posts in a month, I learnt that proper time management is extremely important for a successful Christian life.
Redeeming the time for the days are evil

Many Christians sincerely wish to be closer to God and share a deeper relationship with Him. Some actually do something about this desire and go on to develop personal disciplines that help in this regard while some of us build our mansions on ‘Wishes Boulevard’; vainly expecting that one day, we will suddenly become close to God. News flash, it is not likely to happen. Like a young preacher aptly said, “If you find yourself suddenly close to God without any effort on your part; the name of that spiritual state is called death.” How very true! Intimacy with God does not happen suddenly, it requires a measure of effort from our own end.
Granted, God has made the first move by making salvation free for all through the death of Jesus, but it doesn’t end there. While God has expressed His commitment through Jesus and His permanently welcoming arms, we have to express our own commitment through the quantity and quality of time that we choose to spend with Him in fellowship and service. Yes, time- that precious gift we hardly have enough of since we have to attend to our jobs, families, friends, hobbies, and other vital needs aka watching TV, or surfing the web.
This post is not an attempt to evoke guilt or shame but the truth is that it is almost impossible to enter the fullness of God’s thoughts and purpose for our lives if we don’t spend significant time in His presence daily. How else are we going to worship Him, how are we going to study and meditate on The Word day and night like He told us to (Joshua 1:8) ?  If we don’t find time to study the word, how are we even going to know what He has prepared for them that love Him? How are we going to know the things He wants us to stop, change, adopt, or do (Habakkuk 2:1)? If we don’t know them, how are we going to do them? 
Going without quality personal fellowship is what keeps many of us as immature babies in the kingdom, and God knows we have enough babies in the Body of Christ today. Babies are members of the family and they are a delight but they are yet to enjoy the peak of the family’s essence. Isn’t that why we grieve more when a baby dies? We don’t have to remain babies; there is room for growth.
We are all saved by believing in and confessing the Lordship of Jesus but we are not all on the same level in establishing the will of God on earth. This is not because God loves some folks more than others but the Scriptures cannot be broken- God consistently seeks and uses people who make themselves available to Him (Isaiah 6:8). Are you going to be available to Him? One of the best ways to let Him know you are available is to give Him your time. 
How has your time management skills influenced your relationship with God and other areas of your life?

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