Friday, 2 August 2013

Free Friday Music Revue: I am Grateful For My Pancreas!

Like my name insinuates, it is my birthday this month! Having thought through many events across different phases of my life, all I want to say to God is “thank you!”. He is the one in whom we live, move and have our being. You know how life alarms (such as birthdays, death and stuff) wake us from the reverie of routine daily living. I have tried to assess the past one year of my life. I wanted to be sure I didn’t just add a whole year without significant growth. While I agree that you can hardly complete a sincere version of this assessment in one day, don’t be put off. It doesn’t hurt to try and if like me, you can’t do a thorough analysis, the little you do may just open your eyes to many things about you.
Life may not be this picturesque, but we will praise Him
In addition to many other benefits, you will:
1.       Be able to track personal your progress in different areas of your life. Say, your relationship with God, family and friends, your career/ business, health, finances, etc
2.       You will see which area of your life needs more attention.
3.      You can begin to think of ideas on how to improve relevant areas
4.      Based on number three, you have ideas on habits to drop and ones to pick up
5.      Set yourself up for a much better year for at least the next one year.
It can end up being a very sobering experience but it is truly an honour and a rare privilege to be able to number your days so you can apply your heart to wisdom. This exercise is sure to make you wiser and get a better grip of your life in God.
However, of all these points, my favourite reason for doing a one year assessment is that: I GET TO COUNT MY BLESSINGS! Where do I start from? First, there is: the eternal privilege of being a believer in and follower of Jesus, The Christ, the love of countless family and friends who love you enough to drain your phone battery with birthday calls and texts (this list does not include the people who send HBD, LLNP, GGMUB, IJN). If you can’t spare a few minutes to type the full “Happy Birthday, Long life and prosperity, God go make you bigger, In Jesus Name”, I wonder exactly where I stand with you- but I digress. I was counting my blessings: I am in good health, I have my sanity (if you see the number of crazy people that I see in Lagos daily, you have to thank God), all my senses are working, my parents are doing good, so are my siblings, I have not been robbed, mugged or abused, I have not met an Ariel Castro to ruin 10 years of my life, I have not been a victim of a fire/motor/ or air accident, I have a beautiful Bible believing church where I can worship and feed on God’s word, I can get on my bed and get a good night’s sleep without fear or medication, I have the privilege to talk to God daily, I have this blog, my book is almost published, my friends are making progress such that I do not have to hesitate before sharing a good news with someone who appears to be having an extremely hard life,… don’t get me started because I can go on and on and on- ask Jesus, He will tell you than when this daughter starts her ‘thankful list’, things get interesting. You can hear her talk about how all that is within me praise you O lord; my spleen praises you, my pancreas gives you thanks, my liver, my kidneys, my…let’s not start- seriously.
However, sometimes, we just can’t find something to be thankful for. We are tempted to ask God what in the heavens in going. Sometimes, all we have is a long list of owes, sorrows, pains and disappointments. Sometimes, all we have (which is much actually) is just life and other daily blessings that we have come to see as ordinary. At that winter season of life, when I cannot seem to find something to be truly thankful for, I have a song. That song is what I want to share for this ‘free Friday music revue’. It is by Lara George, a Nigerian female Gospel music artiste. The song is based on Lamentations (imagine a song of praise from a book aptly titled ‘Lamentations’!)
Believe me when I say this song truly takes me through winter. God has blessed me with it to weather the storm. I hope it blesses you as much and even more than it has blessed me.

Got anything to be thankful for? I'm sure you do. Kindly drop a comment and let the whole world know!

I leave you in God’s care, 
Miss August

FIG TREE- Lara George

Though the fig tree may not blossom
Though the rivers run dry
Though the world around me crumble
Though I heave and I sigh
I remember where my hope lies
Where my help comes from
If you could care about the sparrow
I know you won’t forget me

Lord there is much 
That my mind can’t handle
Puzzled by
The billowing of waves
Of this one thing 
I am certain
You remain the God unchanging
Lord you’re watching me
Keeping me
Restoring me
You will never
Forget your own

Through the raging storm
Through the fiery blaze
I will hold on strong
I’ll stay in your face
Let the howling wind
What it chooses bring
Even through it all
I will always sing….

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