Thursday, 28 November 2013

If You Also Don't Know How To Meditate

  Based on a personal decision to read through the New Testament in 2013, I have been reading the letters of Paul to the churches. It is quite amazing the wealth, questions, answers, mysteries and simple gospel truths in these verses. Since like I said, meditation is an issue for me, I can’t help thinking that I’m missing a lot by simply reading and half-heartedly thinking about these verses.

That the eyes of our hearts be enlightened
I’m doing a back track from Ephesians down so I can copy out Paul’s prayers for the churches, insert personal pronouns and pray them out. This simple act has thought me two things:
1.      Copying out the scriptures by hand has helped me a bit better to concentrate on the verses.
2.      Praying the scriptures is the way to go. I haven’t gone really far in this but there is definitely something worth trying here. 

Pending when I become an expert at training my mind to meditate on scriptures, I trust God to bless this labour by filling me with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding and that may the eyes of my heart be enlightened that I may know what is the hope to which He has called me…Guess who has been praying her scriptures. You try it.

PS: I kinda avoided the both books of Corinthians…every reading makes me wonder what kind of church they had going on (hint: they had a guy who was sleeping with his dad’s wife!)… Don’t get me wrong, the books of Corinthians are amazing and there is a lot of talk about many of the doctrines we quarrel about but may be that is a pointer- divisive quarrels over doctrines are symptoms of an underlying disease of the church-they are not the disease. I digress....Go pray your scriptures. 

PPS: For readers in America and other participating countries, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Here in Nigeria, we are heating it up for Christmas. Already, carol service invitations and Christmas decorations are springing up everywhere. Again, I digress. Now go pray your scriptures. Really.  

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